Geotechnical Drilling and Testing

ACL provides drilling services for geotechnical engineering reports, a mandatory requirement for most types of construction, land development, insurance, and maintenance programmes for large, land-based assets owned privately or by local bodies.

The company helps you with the ground testing and sampling you’ll need to do to satisfy fast-evolving regulatory standards. Information the ACL drilling service provides will help you plan a maintenance programme for assets, and could save you money on insurance premiums and maintenance costs.

ACL is a member of the New Zealand Drilling Federation and is proud to have achieved ISO 9001:2008 rating.

Drilling service:

  • is ideal for environmentally sensitive sites
  • is quicker, cleaner, and takes up less room than conventional drilling
  • meets all New Zealand regulations
  • uses the best equipment in Canterbury

ACL is very familiar with Canterbury soils and highly experienced, not only in sonic drilling, but also in all other groundworks. Not all drills produce high-quality results. ACL deploys a Mobile Sonic 1000, featuring the most advanced and up-to-date sonic technology, which performs exceptionally well in studies comparing drilling technologies. ACL is confident it supplies the best equipment for your drilling job in Canterbury.

The Mobile Sonic 1000:

  • delivers advanced sonic technology at a frequency of 0–150hz
  • has a powerful 200hp engine (compare with competitors’ 150hp equipment)
  • features on-board, high-capacity grout pump (prevents water contamination between different levels; saves time as Environment Canterbury guidelines are met within
  • one operation)
  • features standard penetration test (SPT) automatic hammer
  • can get results 2 – 4 times faster than conventional drilling and reduce time spent
  • on site
  • produces up to 70% less waste than conventional drilling (an excellent choice in environmentally sensitive areas)
  • has big rig capability on a compact footprint
  • is highly manoeuverable
  • is ideal for Canterbury’s poorly consolidated soils (generally featuring a wide range of materials, high water inflow rates, coarse gravels and flowing sands)
  • produces the best possible core samples from poorly consolidated soils (near-perfect core samples from firmer geological strata)


Geotechnical Drilling Manager
Geoff Haywood
027 678 0515

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