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Ongoing Project

ACL has successfully completed the Ashburton District Council’s Urban and Rural Reseal and Preseal Contracts for the last four years and has a very successful history of first coat and reseal construction in the region for 15 years. The team has also held the reseal contracts for the MacKenzie District Council since 2006.


ACL provides a wide range of surfacing solutions for roads, driveways, footpaths, yards, carparks and tennis courts, including asphalt, chip seal and concrete.

ACL runs its own fleet of chip spreaders, tankers, rollers, an 11,000L bitumen sprayer and a specialist signs truck and can seal using conventional cut-back bitumen and polymer modified seal designs.

Not only does ACL have its own asphalt plant in Ashburton, but its highly-experienced asphalting crew is also readily available to lay asphalt for commercial and residential projects.

Product Information
Asphalt: known as asphaltic concrete, or hotmix. It provides a smooth finish and is normally laid in areas of high wear or low noise requirements such as driveways, car parks and turning bays.
Chip Seal: chip is spread over bitument and rolled. A long-term finish used on roads and
long driveways.


Civil Contracts Manager
Steve Adam
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Chip Seal Driveway


Asphalt Driveway


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