Utilities, Plumbing & Drainage

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Utilities and Plumbing

The ACL Utilities and Plumbing division has been responsible for the Ashburton District Council’s Utilities Contract for more than 15 years. The contract involves the repair and maintenance of the entire water, stormwater and sewer network in Ashburton as well as in other mid-Canterbury towns and communities.

Experienced and fully-qualified ACL staff monitor and maintain the region’s three sewage treatment plants and 13 water treatment plants to ensure trouble-free, continuous service, as well as providing emergency repairs.


This division carries out the installation of water, sewer and storm water systems, from household connections to road and sub-division infrastructure. ACL also carries out turnkey installations of water treatment and sewer plants. ACL has its own fleet of diggers, drain cleaning equipment and a vacuum truck.

The company also has a fleet of certified water tankers capable of delivering up to 10,000 litres per load.

ACL’s fully-equipped CCTV vehicle (with camera equipment) is capable of inspecting pipes and used to trouble-shoot blocked drains and inspect large pipeline infrastructures.


Plumbing Manager
Aaron Gairns
03 307 6981
027 284 1117
   Water Tankers
Geoff Haywood
027 678 0515
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