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360° Contracting and Maintenance Capabilities, Supporting Dairy Farms

At ACL, we proudly support farming operations with high quality contracting solutions. Specialising in dairy farms, we leverage heavy plant equipment and extensive farming sector knowledge to provide custom-tailored solutions to our clients. Whether you need drainage, transport, land clearance, or foundational support, our ACL team has the capability to meet your needs.

We define success based on the success of our clients, offering uncompromising quality on every project. In turn, farmers can expect streamlined production and improved efficiency throughout the entirety of their operations.

Versatile Services. Comprehensive Support.

  • Laneway Operations – Offering laneway construction, maintenance, and eyebrow removal for dairy farms and more. Constructing farm tracks while supporting shingle road maintenance.

  • Farm Maintenance – Supporting dairy farms with drain and site clearance.

  • Construction Support – Building horse arenas, laser levelled foundations for sites, and farm sheds

  • Drainage Solutions – Providing farm drainage for fields, overflows, and culverts.

  • Land Clearance – Removing trees, roots, and earth while levelling land with precision accuracy.

  • Farm Conversions – Supporting standard farm and dairy farm conversions.

  • Lane Capping – Overcoming rotten rock and lime rock obstacles with dairy lane capping solutions through heavy equipment usage.

  • Transportation Capabilities – Bringing trucks, trailers, and heavy equipment on site through a flexible transportation network of 8 to 32 ton trucks.

Frequently Asked Rural Contracting Questions

Depending on your budget, we can either conduct full-spectrum service (including preparation work) or begin after preparation work is complete

Please get in touch if you have any questions, we are here to help.

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